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WBMLP's Headquarters
WBMLP Headquarters

Solar Power in West Boylston

Interested in installing Solar Panels on your property? Contact the West Boylston Municipal Lighting Plant at 508-835-3681. We can explain the pros and cons of having solar at your home or business. We can educate you on the possible financial incentives. And we'll explain the proper procedure for undertaking a solar project. Read about WBMLP's Residential Solar Rebate Program here.


Mass Solar Loans makes it easy for Massachusetts residents to obtain low-interest loans to fund the installation of solar electricity systems for their homes. Click here to learn more.


Please call WBMLP at 508-835-3681 or email us to receive an up-to-date copy of our “DG Metering Policy”. Residential customers can install distributed generation (DG) like solar systems up to maximum size of 10kW (AC). If you install a solar system, WBMLP will install a bidirectional meter which measures energy in two directions at the main meter socket. The DG net metering policy basically states;

  • ☀ Any energy, measured monthly, delivered by WBMLP to the customer is billed at the full retail residential electric rate, and
  • ☀ Any energy, measured monthly, received from customer to WBMLP is credited at the wholesale cost of energy (Based on monthly average real-time energy cost in ISO-NE WCMAS)

Click here for a PDF of WBMLP's Solar Interconnection Requirements

Don't Be Fooled...

There are currently power marketers out there that advertise installing a system on your property and then selling you your electricity at a discounted rate. This may not be in your best interests! Go ahead and take their information...and then notify us. We can see through any ploys that might not be in your best interests and advise you.

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