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Better Residential Energy Management, Conservation & Savings!

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WBMLP has joined with the Next Zero and Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC), the joint action agency for municipal utilities in Massachusetts, to offer a new program called Connected Homes. This new solution allows residential customers to better manage connected devices in their homes and save money, while reducing their carbon footprint.

Connected Homes is offered to WBMLP’s residential customers via NEXTZERO'S’s Home Energy Loss Prevention Services Program. NEXTZERO is working with software platform Virtual Peaker, to allow our customers to leverage the technology of smart appliances and devices into cost savings for our light department and customers. At the same time, the program allows WBMLP to better manage its electric load, reduce costs and keep rates low. Potential devices which may be enrolled include home batteries, electric vehicle chargers, electric hot water heaters and mini-split controllers*.

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Check out our new NextZero Battery Program Video for more information!

3 Reasons to Enroll your WiFi-connected Devices in NEXTZERO “Connected Homes” Program

  • ☀ 1. REDUCE Your Carbon Footprint
    Allowing WBMLP to make brief reductions to your WiFi-connected devices during peak hours decreases the amount of overall energy those devices are using. This means you can feel better about the steps you are taking to conserve the energy usage in your home.

  • 2. STABILIZE the Electricity Load
    Peak demand hours are the times of day in which the most amount of electricity is typically used. In the “Connected Homes” program, WBMLP adjusts the usage of select devices (for example, reducing the charging rate of an electric vehicle charger) to better manage the electricity load for the whole system. This helps us ensure that the energy needs for all customers can be met without causing any disruptions. And as a bonus, it helps keep electricity rates low.

  • 3. REWARD Yourself
    When a customer like you enrolls in “Connected Homes”, you will receive a notification about potential adjustments and are given the opportunity to opt out. If you opt in, you will be rewarded via a bill credit for participating in each adjustment as a thank you from WBMLP. The reward amount varies based on the device.

For more information, visit Next Zero's West Boylston Connected Homes page, or call NEXTZERO at (413) 308-1311. Enroll your smart devices in the “Connected Homes” Program today**.

* For the latest list of qualifying brands and devices, please go to

** Customers enrolling qualified WiFi-connected devices in participating municipal light plant communities are eligible. Eligible device list is subject to change. Please visit for more information.

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