WBMLP Flywheel Grant

WBMLP's Headquarters
WBMLP Headquarters

What The Project Is

In November of 2017, West Boylston received a state grant of $243k (50% of the total expected project cost). This project will store and shift the solar energy that WBMLP generates during the day to the early evening hours, when it's more beneficial and valuable to West Boylston electric customers.

The flywheel manufacturer is contributing $121K (25%), and WBMLP is paying $121k (25%) for the 125kW flywheel energy storage system interconnection to our existing solar energy system on Paul Tivnan Drive.

WBMLP needs to apply for a special permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals to install the system on our property.

What Does It Look Like? Does It Make Noise?

These are the questions most of our customers ask.

  • 1. Flywheels are installed underground.
  • 2. Flywheels are silent and make no noise.

Watch the Video to see an actual flywheel already in operation.

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