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Your “NEXT” purchase helps us get to “ZERO” emissions by 2050.

NEXTZERO is West Boylston’s Residential Energy Efficiency and Conservation service. NEXTZERO provides Energy Education, Home Energy Audits (HEA), assistance with Home Energy Improvements, ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebates, and more to WBMLP customers. NEXTZERO is funded through your low electricity rates. WBMLP provides these incentives and rebates while working to maintain the lowest rates possible.

Your “NEXT” Appliance, Home Heating System, Hot Water Heater, etc., should be the most energy efficient and use electricity — which in West Boylston is getting cleaner and more renewable every year. “ZERO” Greenhouse Gas Emissions is our 2050 goal. And your “NEXT” purchase helps us get to “ZERO” emissions”!

WBMLP's NEXTZERO Program offers rebates for a variety of efficient technologies including ENERGY STAR® Equipment and Appliances, Home Efficiency Installations (such as insulation and duct-sealing), Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, and more. WBMLP remits these rebates to you through credits to your quarterly electricity bill.

Starting in 2023, remember to check out all the Rebates, Incentives, and Tax Credits offered through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). You can apply for BOTH WBMLP’s and the IRA's Rebates and Incentives. Please visit Rewiring America's IRA Calculator to see what Rebates and Incentives you may be eligible for starting in 2023. Natural Gas customers in West Boylston have access to additional Rebates and Incentives through Mass Save.


Explore all the ways to save and reduce emissions below!


ENERGY STAR® Rebates are available to WBMLP customers for a variety of appliances and equipment such as Heat Pump Water Heaters, Refrigerators, Induction Ranges, Heat Pump Clothes Dryers, and more. Please make sure you purchase the most energy efficient appliance(s) you can afford. It will save you money in the long run.

Please visit WBMLP's pages at NextZero's website or download WBMLP's EnergyStar® Rebate Application here.

Appliances Rebate Appliances Rebate
ENERGY STAR Air Purifier $40 ENERGY STAR Heat Pump Dryer (Electric) $500
ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer $50 ENERGY STAR Heat Pump Water Heater (Electric) $500
ENERGY STAR Clothes Dryer $50 ENERGY STAR Pool Pump (Two Speed) $175
ENERGY STAR Dehumidifier $30 ENERGY STAR Pool Pump (Variable Speed)    $250
Heat Pump Pool Heater $250 ENERGY STAR Refrigerator $50
ENERGY STAR Wi-Fi Thermostat/ Smart HVAC Control 50% up to $125 Induction Range (Replacing Gas/Propane) $500
Induction Range (Replacing Electric) $100


A Home Energy Audit gives you a thorough picture of where you may be wasting energy and how to save money. Energy Audits include a visual and physical inspection of your HVAC Equipment and assess insulation levels in your walls, floors, and attic.

WBMLP customers, call the Toll-free Hotline at (888) 333-7525 to schedule the free audit and ask any questions concerning energy conservation in your home. Advisors have a wealth of information about all aspects of Residential Energy Conservation, and can provide it to you by either mail or email. They can also assist or direct you to a number of different web-based resources for online information on many conservation measures — as well as online energy audits you can conduct on your own.



Check out our Heat Pump Heating and Cooling Rebate and High Efficiency Air Conditioning Program at  NEXTZERO.  WBMLP offers rebates on the following heat pump heating and cooling systems and central air conditioning systems. Refer to the table below to see if you’re heating or cooling system qualifies, then go apply online at NEXTZERO.

Central Air Conditioning ≥16 ≥13 N/A N/A $250
Air Source Heat Pump ≥16 ≥12 ≥8.5 N/A $250
Air Source Heat Pump (more efficient) ≥18 N/A ≥9.6 N/A $500
Ground Source Heat Pump N/A ≥20 N/A ≥3.5 $500
*Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump (Single Zone) ≥16 N/A ≥9.0 N/A $300
*Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump (Multi Zone) ≥16 N/A ≥9.0 N/A $500

*Maximum of two ductless mini-split heat pumps are allowed. SEER=Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, EER= Energy Efficiency Ratio (measures instantaneous cooling efficiency), HSPF= Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, COP= Coefficient of Performance

Massachusetts provides a Sales Tax Exemption on the purchase of Heat Pump Systems. For more information, consult your local tax expert.

Natural Gas Customers in West Boylston have access to additional Rebates and Incentives through Mass Save. See what’s available online at Mass Save.


WBMLP offers Home Efficiency Rebates on Efficient Home Upgrades such as Insulation and Duct Sealing. Refer to the table below to see if your home efficiency measures qualify. (WBMLP requires customers to schedule a “Home Energy Audit (HEA)” prior to performing the Home Efficiency measures.)

Home Efficiency Measure Rebate
Blower Door Test & Air Sealing 50% up to $500
Insulation 50% up to $500
Duct Sealing 50% up to $500


Connected Homes is a program that leverages the technology of smart appliances and devices into cost savings for both you and your light department. This program allows WBMLP to better manage its electric load, reduce costs, and keep rates low.

By enrolling a smart device in the Connected Homes Program, customers agree to allow Connected Homes to make brief, limited adjustments to their devices during times of peak electric demand, such as temporarily turning off an electric vehicle charger during peak hours.

Customers will be informed of possible adjustments in advance via email and will be given the choice to opt out. Customers who decide to participate in Connected Homes receive quarterly credits to their monthly electricity bill.

Eligible Devices & Monthly Incentives

Smart Devices Qualifying Brands Monthly Incentive
Battery Generac $15
Battery Sonnen $15
Electric Vehicle Charger* ChargePoint $10
Electric Vehicle Charger Enel X JuiceBox $10
Electric Hot Water Heater GE $5
Electric Hot Water Heater Rheem $5
Mini-Split Controller Flair $5
Mini-Split Controller Sensibo $5
Wi-Fi Thermostat Google Nest** $5
Wi-Fi Thermostat Honeywell/Resideo $5

*Customers previously enrolled in the NextZero EV Scheduled Charging Program are not eligible to enroll in Connected Homes until three years from date of enrollment in the Scheduled Charging Program.

**Google Nest thermostats will only be controlled between May 1 and September 30. The remaining devices will be controlled year-round. Google and Nest Thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC.


Conserving energy saves money and reduces greenhouse gases. Please take responsibility for reducing your energy consumption and emissions. It’s the choices you make on a daily basis that become the habits that drive how you use energy. Visit NEXTZERO for Fact Sheets and additional links related to energy conservation measures.

NextZero Fact Sheets

See the flyers below for information related to saving energy and reducing emissions with Heat Pump Technology.

download 5 Reasons To Switch to a Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Flyer
download 4 Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater with a Heat Pump Water Heater Flyer


If your Water Heater is more than 10 years old, it may be time to upgrade it — and get a generous rebate. There are lots of different heating and cooling options out there, but one type can save you more money: Heat Pumps. As an extra incentive, Heat Pump Home Heating and Cooling is now available with rebates. Learn more from NEXTZERO's website or call them at (413) 308-1311.

NextZero Heat Pump Information
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