Understand Your Bill

Helpful Information About Your WBMLP Electric Bill.

Here are answers to common Electric Bill questions. See the sample bill on this page. The definitions for different bill categories follow. Got a question? Please give us a call during regular business hours at 508-835-3681.

Legend Title Description
A "Discount" and "Net due if received by" This is the amount due for the month, minus the early payment discount, if bill is paid within 10 days. Sign up for automatic payments to save time and money.
B "Account Number" This is your account number.
C "Billing Period" These are the dates between the last meter reading and the new meter reading.
D "Meter Number" This is the serial number printed on your meter. You can read your meter anytime to see how much energy you consume over any period.
E "Meter Reading" This shows the present and previous meter readings. The difference between the two is your kWh's used for the bill period.
F "kWh Used" This is the amount of energy in kWh's that you consumed during the billing period.
G "Days In Cycle" The number of days in between present and previous meter readings. The number of days in the billing cycle can range from 26-33.
H "Average Daily Use" This is the number of kWh's used divided by the days in the billing cycle. You can use the kWh's per day to look for trends and determine what appliances contribute to higher consumption.
I "13 Month Billing History" This shows the last 13 months of monthly kWh's, average daily usage, and the number of heating or cooling degree days in the billing period. Use this information to look for trends.
J "Degree Days" This is the number of heating (winter) and cooling (summer) degree days in the billing period. The number of degree days helps determine if very cold or very hot weather increased your kWh's used.
K "Balance Forward" This is the amount due from the previous month if that payment hasn't been paid or deposited yet.
L "Electric Charges" These four lines are the components of our Residential Electricity Rate (this will link when Rate Page is finalized). It includes a customer charge for our fixed expenses, no matter how many kWh's you consume, and, the variable per unit charges times your kWh's used.
M "PASNY Credit" WBMLP purchases very inexpensive hydroelectricity energy from the Niagara and St. Lawrence River in New York. This low cost energy helps reduce your monthly bills.
N "Total Electric Charges" This is your electricity bill before the early payment discount. If you miss the 10-day early payment discount date, this is the amount due.
O "Discount if Payment Received by:" This is the early payment discount amount. Residential customers receive a 10% discount if they pay their monthly bill within 10 days of the "bill date".
P "Net Due" This is the total amount due to WBMLP.
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