Understanding Your Bill

Here are common questions and answers to your electric bill. See the sample bill below. Definitions to key categories are just below. Find Terms & Conditions for all WBMLP customers here.

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"Discount" and "Net due if received by: (grey box - top right)
This is the total amount due for the month, minus the early payment discount, if applicable.
"Rate Code"
R = Residential Rate. (See our Rates Page for other categories.)
"Meter Reading Present"
This is our most recent meter reading. You can read the meter yourself by looking at the digit display on the meter.
"kWh Used"
This is how many kWh's (the amount of electricity that you consumed) during the month.
"Days in Cycle"
The number of days between meter readings. There were 28 days in the sample billing cycle.
"Actual Monthly Usage"
This area allows you to see your monthly energy consumption history over the past 12 months.
"Avg Daily Usage"
This is the kWh's per day that you consume. Look for trends and determine what appliances in your home that may be contributing to higher consumption.
"Delivery Services: Customer Charge"
This is the amount WBMLP charges to cover our fixed expenses, no matter how many kWh's you consume.
"Purchased Power Adjustment"
The Purchased Power Adjustment helps us adjust the bills up or down to account for fluctuating market power and transmission costs.
"PASNY Credit"
A discount on all residential bills as result of WBMLP purchasing very inexpensive hydroelectricity energy from the Niagara and St. Lawrence River.
"Discount if Payment Received by:"
You receive a 10% discount if you pay your monthly bill within 10 days.

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