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WBMLP EV & Wi-Fi-Equipped EV Charger Details



WBMLP’s energy efficiency and conservation program is called “Next Zero”. Please consider an electric vehicle (EV) for your “Next” vehicle. WBMLP’s energy supply is already mostly renewable and clean today — and we plan to achieve “Zero” emissions by 2050.  You can reduce emissions and save money with our “NextZero” Incentives and Rebates for EVs and EUVs.

(No current Next Zero EV offers available. Check back soon.)


Massachusetts residents are eligible for Electric Vehicles (EVs) Federal and State tax incentives.

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WBMLP's energy and conservation program, NextZero, will provide a Free or Discounted WiFi-equipped Level 2 Residential Electric Vehicle Charger to customers signing on to our NextZero Scheduled Charging Program.

What Is "Scheduled Charging"?

Scheduled Charging is a set schedule that determines when an EV Charger may be used at full power. WBMLP will power off EV Chargers during periods of peak energy usage for the rest of our distribution system through the WiFi connection enabled in your charger.

You can learn more now by downloading the WBMLP Charging Agreement or check to see if your EV model qualifies. Visit the Department of Energy Resource’s Alternative Fuels Data Center to compare different EV models. Want to learn more about different charging levels? View and download EV Charging 101.

How Scheduled Charging Works

Your EV Charger will be automatically unlocked to allow full Level 2 fast-charging functionality, except between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays.

Emergency Scheduling

Sometimes major events happen on the electrical system outside of WBMLP's control. To respond to these events, Emergency Scheduling allows WBMLP to temporarily access your charger via Wi-Fi connection to lower your charging rate until the event passes. This limits strain to our system and allows us to continue to deliver low-cost, reliable electricity.

Charger Incentives

WBMLP customers are eligible for a free charger for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and a $200 or $300 rebate for Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) in exchange for enrolling your charger into the Scheduled Charging Program. See below.

Vehicle Type EV Charger Incentive
Full Electric Vehicle Free
PHEV with less than 15 kWh Battery Capacity $200 Off
PHEV with 15 kWh Battery Capacity or Greater $300 Off

More EV Charger Facts

  • Costs for peak charging events are spread across WBMLP’s entire residential customer base.
  • Modern Electric Vehicles utilizing Level 2 Charging can go from empty to full-charge in eight hours or less. Even without charging from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., your car will be fully charged at 5 a.m.
  • The Scheduled Charging Program offered by WBMLP provides you with a FREE or discounted Wi-Fi Equipped Level 2 Charger (a $650 value). Customer arranges installation.
  • The customer is responsible for hiring an electrician to install the EV charger and to determine if the existing electrical service is adequately sized to accommodate the new EV Charger.
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