Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives & Rebates

WBMLP's Headquarters
WBMLP Headquarters

Latest EV & Wi-Fi-Equipped EV Charger Offers

WBMLP and MMWEC (Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company) offer DISCOUNTS on 100%-Electric Vehicles. We also provide FREE Wi-Fi-equipped Level 2 Residential Electric Vehicle Chargers to customers signing on to our Scheduled Charging Program.

Check out WBMLP’s side-by-side comparison of the 5-Year Costs of Driving an EV at WBMLP’s low electric rates versus driving a Typical Gas-powered Vehicle.

WBMLP Comparison Chart Graphic between EV and Gas-powered Vehicles

Learn more from the Flyers and Forms below—on NextZero's Website.

Helpful Information Flyers

Need help with whether an Electric Vehicle would work for you? The PDF Flyers below will help you make your best decision.

download 5 Reasons To Drive an Electric Vehicle (EV) Flyer
download Electric Vehicle Resources Flyer
download Benefits of Purchasing a Pre-owned Electric Vehicle Flyer


EV Discount & Rebate Offers from NEXTZERO

There are currently no dealership EV incentives posted. New EV Rebates will be added as soon as available.


EV Charger Programs & Offers

Monitor and Control the charging of Your EV from the palm of your hand! As part of our efforts to accelerate clean transportation alternatives in Massachusetts while effectively managing our distribution system, WBMLP is partnered with NEXTZERO to provide a free or discounted WiFi-equipped Level 2 Residential Electric Vehicle Charger to all customers signing on to our Scheduled Charging Program.

Learn more from our Flyers below—or on NEXTZERO's West Boylston web page.

download NEXTZERO EV Scheduled Charging Program (PDF)
download FREE Wi-Fi-equipped Level-2 Residential Electric Vehicle Charger Offer (PDF)

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