Heat Pump Heating & Cooling Advantages, Incentives & Rebates

Save Green While Going Green for your Home Heating & Cooling!

Are you interested in purchasing a new Home Heating System or upgrading your current one? There are a lot of new, different home heating options available to WBMLP customers. Choose a Heat Pump Heating & Cooling System.

Check out 4 great reasons below.

Four Reasons to Replace Your Heating System with a Heating & Cooling Heat Pump System

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Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Heating and cooling pump heat pump systems are the cleanest option for home heating.

On average, they produce:

  • 2.7x fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than standard electric
  • 2.8x fewer GHG emissions than natural gas
  • 3x fewer GHG emissions than propane
  • 3.6x fewer GHG emissions than propane
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Heat pumps work by moving existing heat instead of generating it, which cuts down the overall energy usage.

  • Heat pumps typically use 50% less energy than traditional heating systems such as furnaces.
  • Heat Pumps allow homeowners to section their houses into zones with separate thermostats, which allow them to control one zone at a time.
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Savings and Heat Pump Resources

Customers of West Boylston Municipal Light Plant are eligible for a free Air Source Heat Pump Assessment through the NEXTZERO Program.

  • Heat pump experts evaluate their home and determine whether or not a heat pump would be a good fit.
  • If the customer decides to purchase a Heat Pump, they are eligible for a $250 to $500 Rebate.
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Save on Your Heating Bill

Annual Heating Costs

Annual Heating Costs Comparison graphic

* Costs based on 750 kWh per month at a rate of $.13 per unit for electric, $1.75 per unit for natural gas, $3.33 per unit for oil, and $2.87 per unit for propane.

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