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Learn More About the 2015A Surge Capacity Project

Project 2015A is a 55 mega-watt (MW) capacity and reliability resource, constructed in Peabody, MA on a site shared with Peabody’s Municipal Light Plant. West Boylston Municipal Light Plant is among several project participants and our residential and commercial customers will share our proportional share of the project benefits.

Project 2015A Plant rendering

This vital project meets WBMLP’s capacity obligations required as a load serving entity in ISO New England, the system operator and manager of New England’s regional transmission and energy markets.

Project 2015A OVERVIEW

MMWEC (Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company) is developing, managing, and financing this important project on our behalf. Project 2015A will increase our capacity resources, and, provide dispatchable (quick-start) and reliable electricity generation to balance our increasing transition to intermittent renewable and clean energy resources.

As we transition to 100% renewable and clean energy resources, we must also prepare for peak loads during extreme weather events and periods of time when wind and solar are not operating to prevent brownouts and blackouts (such as what happened in Texas during 2 weeks of February in 2021).

MMWEC offers a Project 2015A Website Page with many more helpful facts. Learn more about:

  • Project 2015A's Purpose
  • Project 2015A's Capacity & Reliability Benefits
  • How Often Project 2015A Will Run and When
  • How Project 2015A Aligns with the Massachusetts Decarbonization Roadmap
  • More

Learn More

The PDFs below answer more questions about this important Surge Capacity Project that will benefit and protect all WBMLP customers.

Project 2015A Public Information Session Presentation PDF MLP Energy and Capacity Requirements MMWEC Flyer Capacity vs Energy MMWEC Flyer

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